​Congratulations on your Pregnancy.
During pregnancy, your body changes dramatically, causing significant weight bearing shifts which adds stress to the spine. As your abdomen grows forward, it pulls the lower back with it. The mid back and shoulders then pull back to compensate, and in turn, the head and neck tilt forward. 
In addition to this, there are several hormonal changes which take place to help the spine cope with the pregnancy and birth. These hormones have the effect of loosening the connective tissues of the spine which can further de-stabilise you. 
Your pelvic opening can also be affected by pelvic misalignments and these changes can have the effect of narrowing your birth canal.
How can Chiropractic Help?  

Chiropractic care can make your pregnancy a lot more comfortable by alleviating stress on your changing spine and body. No two pregnancies are the same, but with a correctly aligned pelvis you should also have a more relaxed pregnancy and birth. 

How will I fit on the table?

At Chiropractic on McKinnon we have specialised equipment that is designed to allow pregnant woman to be adjusted comfortably. If you are in doubt, feel free to make a time to see the equipment and speak to the chiropractor