Shane Marsh - Hypnotherapist

Finally AHA-accredited hypnotherapy is available in Cranbourne!


Shane is a graduate of the Academy of Hypnotic Science, one of the leading government accredited hypnotherapy training organisations in Australia. Shane is also a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA). Technically anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist so professional associations (like the AHA) exist to distinguish well-trained professional hypnotherapists from those who may not have had adequate training or meet the required quality standards.


Shane is also clinically qualified in Resource Therapy / Advanced Ego State Therapy (a cutting-edge process developed by Professor Gordon Emmerson) and accredited in the world-famous Virtual Gastric Band process (Sheila Granger in the UK).


So what’s hypnotherapy?


Many people still have their ideas about hypnosis influenced by what they’ve seen in movies, TV or stage hypnosis. However most of what we see in movies or TV is a distortion and stage hypnosis is done for entertainment purposes so is quite different from clinical hypnotherapy. The reality is that hypnotherapy has been proven as safe and effective for a wide variety of issue and conditions. There are thousands of clinical trials and meta studies published in peer-reviewed journals and the body of evidence in the literature just keeps growing. It’s recognised by leading authorities such as the American Medical Association, the British Medical Association and the British Psychological Society and continues to gain recognition as more and more people experience its power.  


Essentially hypnosis is a highly focussed state during which the subconscious mind becomes highly receptive to suggestion. Hypnosis is a completely natural state that everyone goes in and out of every day but doesn’t realise it. If you’ve ever had your attention absorbed in a movie or book, had a daydream or done something where you’ve gone on “autopilot” then you’ve experienced hypnosis. In clinical hypnotherapy the hypnotic state is established in a controlled, purposeful and much deeper way so the enormous power of the subconscious mind to effect change can be taken advantage of. In hypnosis you’re still aware of what’s going on (it’s not sleep or a zombie state) and you’re still in control (you can reject any suggestion that you don’t like). Everyone experiences hypnosis in their own way but most people agree that it’s the sort of thing you have to experience to understand.


What’s hypnotherapy good for?


Hypnotherapy can be useful for anything where the mind plays a role. Most people have heard of success stories of people using hypnotherapy to quit smoking, lose weight or to overcome a fear/phobia. However hypnotherapy can help with changing many unwanted behaviours, feelings or habits. It can also help with many medical conditions (such as chronic pain and irritable bowel syndrome). The mind-body connection has been well and truly established scientifically and there’s a growing movement towards a holistic approach to health care (the biopsychosocial model) where hypnotherapy can play a role. However hypnotherapy, as with any other complimentary therapy, should never be used as a primary form of therapy for medical conditions. One should always consult a primary health care provider who is qualified to diagnose and treat the medical condition at the physical level first.


What’s Shane’s approach to hypnotherapy?


“There are many different styles and approaches to hypnotherapy. Some hypnotherapists just put you into a trance state and then read a script or talk to you with very little interaction. I bring a client-centred approach to my work, use some of the most advanced techniques available so my sessions are usually very interactive. I’m also trained in counselling and listen to what the client wants rather than what I think they want.


I decided to call my practice “Next Step Hypnosis” because I truly believe that hypnotherapy can be the next step for many people in moving towards wellness and success.”


Shane is currently available for appointments most Saturday afternoons at Pro Health Chiropractic in Cranbourne and can be contacted on 0421 335 409. His website is currently under development but will soon be launched so be sure to bookmark it and check back soon -