Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist

Your body is a sophisticated and highly tuned organism. It is almost impossible to injure or change the function in one part of your body without affecting another. 

Often, when patients present with shoulder or elbow pain or tingling in the fingers, the origin of the problem can be traced to the nerves in the neck, as it is these nerves that control your upper limb. Your chiropractor will assess you to see whether your complaint is stemming from the neck or the shoulder or elbow. In many cases both areas need to be treated to give you the best outcome Your chiropractor is experienced in dealing with all the joints in your body, not just the spine. 

What to look out for? 

If you experience tingling in the hand or fingers or weakness, it may indicate nerve damage and you should have your chiropractor or other health professional check this as soon as possible.