My top three favourite fitness myths busted

1. To lose weight I must exercise in the ‘fat burning zone’

Most of us who have been to gym have seen the ‘burn fat mode’ on the cardio equipment. It attempts to keep you exercising at a steady intensity at about 60-70% of your theoretical maximum heart rate.

The body does burn a higher percentage of calories from fat in the fat burning zone or at lower intensities. However, at higher intensities (70-90% of your maximum heart rate), you burn a greater number of overall calories, which is what matters when it comes to losing weight.

2. If I want to lose the fat from my stomach, I’ll do more sit-ups.

It is true that you can selectively build muscle in certain areas of your body, but this is not related to where you will burn fat from.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot dictate where your body stores or loses fat from.

Different body types tend to sore fat in certain areas and not others.

Working on your triceps will not magically burn the fat from you arms in preference to fat anywhere else in your body.

3. If I don’t feel like dying after my workout, I didn’t work hard enough.

I see countless people who have injured themselves by pushing that last repetition towards muscle failure. This approach is good for my business but perhaps not the best for you.

You have to decide why you are doing the training. Are you interested in getting fit, feeling good and losing some weight or are you going to compete in a power-lifting comp.

You also need to be realistic regarding your current physical condition.