​Why Gonstead?

Gonstead chiropractic follows a system developed by an American chiropractor named Clarence S. Gonstead. 

It involves a very thorough analysis of a patient’s spine, which includes:

1. The use of a skin temperature differential instrument (STDI)

This instrument aids the chiropractor in assessing the likelihood and location of nerve pressure in the spine.

2. Observation and postural analysis

This process involves examining the posture (global and regional) of the patient for potential mal-position of the joints within the spine.

3. Palpation

Palpation is a hands-on approach whereby the chiropractor feels the spine for the

spine Pro Health Chiropractic Mckinnon chiropractor gonstead method book

mal-position and restriction to normal movement of the joints within the spine.

4. X-ray analysis

X-ray analysis is a very detailed examination of radiographs of a patient’s entire spine.  The analysis is specific to the Gonstead practitioner and aids in identification of direction of misalignment of the joints within the spine.